Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hotlanta... Day three

So, on this day we woke up early and went to the Coca Cola factory! It was such a jam!! My favorite part was the testing station. They had coke products from all over the world! Jon and I tasted about sixty flavors... some good some not so good! My other favorite was the 4D film they had. The chairs moved, wind was blown, and water was sprayed! It was like you were IN the film!!!

Here are some photos for your enjoyment:

precious jon jon

back in the day coffee was this much...... only in my dreams would this happen now.

fashion... yes please.

the history of a vending machine...

cool art.

this was cool... they had all the coke product bottles on the wall.

dont worry there was a mini bottling factory, so we got to watch them make it.

funny family with the polar bear!

this is for you people that care about cool fashion stuff. :)

these next few photos are some cool art pieces...

neither of us are fans of this picture.... but im putting it on here ONLY because that is the couch from american idol season 6. 

we so tasted.

we cute.

we left with this free beauty that we personally watched them bottle. neither of us will drink ours because its cool to have. However, i did purchase a vanilla coke to drink after the 10k on saturday!!

dance party thursday will commence next  week.
until then, make sure you are dancing!
later dudes.

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  1. Ok, so when we ALLLLL go to Savannah in November and have to stop in Atlanta before we fall asleep at the wheel... we are going here. This is SO cool, Shan!!! I know it's not the same thing... but I will take a Sonic Cherry Coke when you get back. Mmmm, thanks. :)