Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Road trippin

Today is the first day of travels with my most ultimate jam Jonathan!! we are heading to Atlanta to visit his family for the week while he is on Spring break ( yes I am well aware that it is still winter). We woke up this morning and at 7:30 we went on a 3 mile run because we have a race the day after we return!
Jonathan and I are going to try to blog daily when we can about our trip!! So I wrote this blog ohhh you know TWO days ago, but it's obv just now getting posted so some of it may be out of date... for instance we are not headed to atlanta because we are in atlanta
I will leave you with some photos until tomorrow.... or the next day

we had dance parties to bieber.....

we took a photo together because apparently that is what couples are suppose to do.

We saw some boring scenary.....

And some wonderful scenary....

We like to play punch bug no punch back with VW beatles.... I got twelve... he got four.... who's counting.

later dudes.


  1. Shan!! It looks like y'all are having a BLAST!!! I'm so so glad!!!! And the wonderful scenery is GORGEOUS!!! Love it. And love you. :) And yes, your couples picture is precious and should be your new profile pic. K, thanks, bye.

  2. Ahhhhh, love the beautiful scenery!! So glad you are a blogging fool!