Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

as you saw from princess week, Friday was my birthday!! Whoop!  This is how the day went...
1. woke up.

2. ran ( i knew i was going to eat a lot of junk food)

3. Come to jon jons for birthday pancakes!

4. Got to Little Cakes and get my FREE birthday cupcake. I chose strawberry!
     It was delish!! After Jon Jon and I hung out with alice' for a little while because she works there!

5. Go to lunch w/ Jon Jon.
        Sushi, My fav! No, I didn't eat all that alone! We share because its expensive!

6. Watch Law and Order SVU with Jon Jon to pass time until we went to my house for peach cobbler and ice cream with my family! I wanted that instead of a cake so that is what I got!! It was DELISH!

7. Jon Jon gathered some of my friends together to play sand volleyball, but it rained so we hung out with them and ate Chick fil a! It was fabulous!!

see, thank goodness I ran! All i did was eat! 

On Saturday I went to see Monte Carlo with Alice'. Selena Gomez KILLED it! It was so so cute seriously you must go!  
After Jon Jon and I played at a clock tower.

That night i went to his house and he had dinner cooked for me! it was delish!! Then we watched Law and Order! (our favorite past time)

Sunday... Fireworks.
not my best photo, i know. At least all my pictures were original and not from google! ha!

Goodbye birthday weekend/ Princess week.
See you next year!


  1. Awwwwww, Jon is SO sweet! I'm glad that he can put up with the #spoileddiva that you have become.

    ; )

  2. YUM!! Love cupcakes - happy birthday for last Friday!!

  3. Hah, LOVE Meg's comment. Happy Birthday, Shanny Baby!! Can't wait for Jon Jon to get me all that food on August 19th. Light Chicken Parm - here I come.