Wednesday, August 31, 2011

never ending cheesecake.

Since I have moved away, I have to cook for myself. You know, like a real grown does. First mascara then cooking... Im not really sure how I will make it! I thought I could survive on chicken, broccoli, and sandwhiches but I'm already tired of those things so my plan is to make a menu tonight and go shopping for some thing to make some delish stuff!! 

Yummy chicken and Broccoli, the first time I made it! #thiswasntthelast

This is my homemade oreo cheesecake before....
(click oreo cheesecake for recipe)

 This is it after! All i did was melt some white chocolate and chocolate chips!! #champion
It was seriously so so so good and so easy!!  you MUST MUST try it!

Sliced that mug up! It lasted a week because none of my new friends wanted any and i was really annoying about it everyday inviting everyone over to have a piece haha! #noshame

Once I got tired of it, Alice' and I put some in a strawberry! My next plan is to make regular cheesecake and fill it in the strawberries then dip the strawberries in chocolate and or white chocolate! 

By the way today I linked up with Jenn for What I Ate Wednesday!


  1. Wow, can you share the oreo cheesecake recipe? We have some pans to make them, but this looks amazing!

  2. I so would have been your friend to eat it. The whole thing!!!

  3. Wait until I come visit for your cheesecake chocolate strawberry adventure!! That sounds SO good!! And your oreo cheesecake looks WONDERFUL! SO proud of you, Shanny! Now, let's go grocery shopping!