Tuesday, May 24, 2011

little BIG sister

I just got a new computer not too long ago, courtesy of my good pal KB who was selling hers! She is going to Africa for a lot of the summer and the program that she needed would not run on her computer so she sold it to me for a holler back price and bought a new one! It was such a blessing because i NEED one for grad school and was not going to be able to afford one without using up a lot of my savings that i have worked this year on!  Savings for grad school is very important because this will be my schedule.... Monday and Tuesday.. class. Wednesday and Thursday... Internship for about 9 hours. Yeah savage i know... so when you put studying and having a life in the mix it doesn't leave much time for a gillion hours of work! All this to say, my little big sister Amanda came to visit me and we played! I say little big sister because she is littler than me by like a whole head and older than me... so little big sister.

she says this one is kinda like casper.


  1. I love my big little sister! Your new computer is pretty cool too... Maybe one day I will get one.

    <3 you,

  2. yay shan shan....glad you're loving your computer. I am still getting used to being back on a PC but I know it's for the best and we both benifitted. Good luck with grad school my friend.