Tuesday, May 17, 2011

little pup.

It all started when I was in about Junior High and my family had recently moved into a new house. My sister, Amanda,  and I had wanted a dog. We begged and begged but my dad said no.... We decided we would ask the Lord if He wanted us to have a puppy! We prayed and prayed until one day when my Amanda and I walked outside, coming from the fence of the cow pasture was a little beagle puppy coming at us!  We were so stoked we brought her inside but my parents were still a little hesitant. They made us put signs up for a Lost Dog and if no one claimed her she was ours... well guess what?! NO ONE CLAIMED HER!!!! So, we got a puppy! She was the most wonderful pup ever and we named her Sugar! 

I remember giving her ice out of the freezer and she would only eat it on carpet.
I remember how she would always hide her treats in little spots around the house.
I remember how she use to chase armadillo trails in hopes to catch one.
I remember being the only one home when when she delivered her first and only pup.
I remember how my blanket on my bed was always dirty from when she slept with me.
I remember talking to her when I was sad and didn't think anyone else cared or would listen. 
I remember her favorite pink rubber bone that we got her at the very beginning from old navy and the rubber noise it made when she chewed it.
I remember how she was a jam!

Then yesterday evening it happened... My family brought her to the vet and she had to be put down due to cancer that had been growing in her side. My dad buried her beside our house with her favorite pink bone.  She will be missed.


  1. Ask Jonathan about how we had to put down Precious just before his Senior year at LC. He did not get to say goodbye to her. Her picture was in the slide show on Saturday. I do not think Nancy has let me forget that event. You saw the picture of her holding Precious crying her heart out just before it happened. The only consolation to the whole thing was that they made paw prints as a keep sake. Trust me we know more than you realize. My parents even sent a bereavement card to Nancy over the whole thing! Ask Jonathan why he named her precious! Our thoughts go out to you!

  2. I'm so so sorry, Shanny baby! I cannot imagine how hard it was for you!! Dogs are definitely part of the family, whether Melissa Brinker Poole thinks so or not! : ) I love you. Diesel and Cashmere said to come and visit them please. : )

  3. Awwwwwww!!! This really is so so sad!!! :( I'm so sorry, Shanny. I think I would have loved Sugar! For real! Megan, yes! I'm being for real!

    For real!!!!!