Thursday, May 19, 2011


Since I am trying to get into this blogging thing, there is something very important you should know about me.... I have a twin sister. Yes it's true and no she doesn't have a blog. Actually, she lives in New York... no, not the city.. just New York state. I wish i could say she lives there because of some important internship or that she was a starving artist... however, that is not the case. She just lives there and has for a while! My mom moved there when I was about to start the 9th grade so my sister, Samantha [sam] moved with her.
Just in case you were wondering we are 18 minutes apart and we are not identical and no I cant feel her pain and she cant feel mine, that would actually kinda stink. She is funny and we both like to make "rap" songs. We are NOTHING a like!

She is super girly and spends thirty minutes a day getting dressed.... It takes me thirty minutes including showering and drying my hair. #tomboy
She has a heart for the elderly... I have a heart for youth and children
She wears glasses... i have contacts. does that count?
She can climb a tree.... i cant
She is not a runner... I am
She can eat 1 gillion McFlurrys a day... i prefer chick fil a
She is all about what's "in"... i could care less

one last thing... we look nothing alike. 


  1. Awwww, love this post, Shan!! You are such a great blogger!!

  2. I have a twin too!! :) I haven't blogged about her. I SHOULD! :) We ARE identical, but look nothing alike (well maybe a little) and we're 2 minutes apart :) We shared the same room until we were 18, then moved, but shared a room again for like 3 years in college. We've been married for (almost) 5 years, and moved 500 miles apart :( No, we don't feel each others pain, etc etc all the dumb twin know how that goes. Love her! :)