Monday, May 30, 2011

Jon Jon and Shan Shan part 2.

So.. back to that ride home! 
We had to stop in Shreveport which is about 1.5 hours or so away from where we live to give Jon's dad his car and then take his brothers car! His brothers car is a little more ghetto than jon jons honda fit.. as we were driving and singing we look behind us and see cop lights. Yes, we were getting pulled over! Jon was totally confused as to what he was doing wrong because he was not speeding! So we get pulled over and Jon has to get out of the car to talk to the cops. We were both freaking out, especially Jon because he was still trying to impress me! While he was getting questioned by one cop a second cop came over to my side and asked if i would get out of the car. What was I gonna say? NO... puhlease! So, I got out and he began to question me about Jon and how i knew him and why we were in dallas yadda yadda! Then the cop asked why is he so nervous and I responded... I don't know, I think he likes me and was about to tell me. The cop was like is he scared you will not like him? I said i guess but i do like him so it doesn't matter! The cops search our car and then let us go... basically they profiled the car and thought we had drugs. Im pretty sure they regret pulling us over, bahaha! When we get in the car after a few moments of silence we processed what happen and then talked about what we each told the cops. Jon had told the cop that he liked me but asked them please not to say anything. So, we pretty much told the cops we liked each other before we told each other!  Jon and I had decided that we liked one another but didn't want to rush into a relationship because we were not ready and the Lord had still not prepared a hearts for it!  So, we waited but he still continued to pursue me with notes, coffee, popsicles, treasure hunts, and his time! After a couple months, I decided that he had all the qualities I wanted in a husband, it just wasn't him. So we went out for coffee and I ended everything.#jerk It was hard and sucked but had to be done. We tried the whole friends thing but he started to get on my nerves and it was too hard for him to look me because I broke his precious heart. The next day after ending it, I walked up to my room and there was a basket with some of my favorite things that he knew i liked from previous lunches we had had together with a note talking about how he has enjoyed all the time we have spent together. All this time he knew I was the one I was just oblivious. The Lord grew us a lot over the summer and then in  late July early August we started hanging out again....

to be continued...


  1. Ahhhhh, you were a super jerk!!! Haha. Poor Jon Jon!!! (It's okay, I did it, too.)

    Love you!!!

  2. That is such a cute story! I love hearing about the beginning of couples!