Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jon Jon and Shan Shan part 3

these words I (jon jon) write to youuu (shan shan) I have loved you always and each time we have grown closer it is more solidified than ever how much I can't wait to experience life with you, to work through problems, to enjoy the sunsets, and to bask in the love that we have for each other, that I plan on continuing to put just as much effort as the day that I knew that I wanted to pursue you :) i. love. you.

-- no worries jon just stole my blog and wrote that to me!

As we started hanging out and texting again, we started to rekindle what we had had only a summer ago! The Lord had grown us both and it was evident in both of our lives! He was not the same jon jon and I was not the same shan shan! We were better, and we were better for each other! We played board games, ran, and I even made him pancakes! One night after helping a friend set up for his girlfriends birthday surprise Jonathan asked me if i wanted to go walk around for a little bit. We went to a concrete spot and he gave us each concrete chalk and told me to go away because he was going to draw me something and I should draw him something. He drew a girl in a jar and put words in the jar surrounding the girl. He had told me that all of the words represented his life and things he struggled with stuff that took up his time but of all of it I was the brightest! He also asked me if I would pray about giving him another shot. I kind of almost cried! I already knew the answer but I still took time like he had asked.

He then asked me out on a real date... our first real date even from the first round... this was legit! He had the whole thing planned. We went to Buhlow Lake for pancakes (my fav) he had the whole table set up with a table cloth and everything. After, he had bought to white shirts and we decorated them for one another. On his I drew a tie, suspenders, and a pocket! On mine he drew a firefly coming out of a jar. He calls me firefly because of the song Brightest by Copeland

this isnt the music video but you can hear the song.

After that, he had his friends make a scavenger hunt around campus so we went to all the spots then the final spot I had to find by myself and it was this...

Will you be my firefly? He also had some of my favorite candy waiting for me!

Of course, I said yes! Then we were officially dating... FINALLY!

The whole time we have been dating he has pursued me just like he did when he was trying to win my heart over for the first time! He cooked me dinner for our 1 month and set it up on a dock over the lake. He brought me to dallas/ft worth to visit our friends for valentines day. He made me a pop up book for our four months. He drove to my apartment at ten at night just to tell me he Loved me for the first time while i was in my jammies trying to go to sleep. I love that he tries new things with me and inspires me to be better. I love that he has wisdom. I love that he lets me pinch him no matter how many bruises it leaves. I love that he loves my friends. I love that he always puts the Lord above me. I love that he is a spiritual leader. I just love him!

engagement story next!!


  1. Awwww, this is my most favorite post ever, Shan!! It kinda brought tears to my eyes...not even lying!! Haha!! I love y'all two and I love y'alls love!