Sunday, August 21, 2011

kari jobe.

This morning was epic.... How so? well I will tell you!
My favorite worship leader ever, Kari Jobe, led worship at a church in Baton Rouge that I have been visiting! Seriously, she is legit. If you've never listened to her,believer or not, you should totally check out her stuff! I had seen her twice before and she brings truth ever.single.time. My favorite lyrics from  a song this morning are...  
Love came down and rescued me, Love came down and set me free... I am forever Yours. 
FOREVER YOURS.... How does someone even grasp that?! 
My friends callie and callie (better known as callie squared) had never seen her before and after church they wanted to creep her to talk to her and it was hilarious! Bethany had to go to the bathroom and as we were waiting for her, Kari passed by and stopped to talk to us. We talked for like five minutes and it was a jam! I could seriously probably be real life friends with her, on the real.
 first time I ever saw her.

 this morning, I pretended like we totally had coffee together.. it's okay if you are jealous!


  1. love kari and love you, too! that new song was so good! and yes, i love how she sings truth.

  2. Oh my gosh, she is so cute! Hooray for fun BR adventures together!

  3. She is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! I am tots jeal. Hahaha! On the real!!! (I love visiting your blog... The way I type gets so legit!!!) Haha!! I love all your Callie friends, too!! Now, you have an a, b and c squared. God is totally taking you down the alphabet... next up:: Dogg, Snoop! :)