Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Saturday started out like any other day saturday would:
Wake up
be ready for lunch

Well this Saturday I had to make a quick stop by work to get someone to fill out a paper but then I was ready for lunch... like seriously ready. I hadn't eaten and we ran AND biked! Friday Jon and I discussed going to taco bueno because he really wanted tacos! I know this because he said "hey shan tomorrow for lunch lets go eat, I really want some tacos" I'm sure he thought id pick the usual Los Portales (LP) but I switched it up and I wanted a quesadilla from taco bueno so that is what my heart was set on. Back to Saturday... I come back from work ready to go because I am STARVING! He had to get gas first (still hungry) and then he broke the news that we weren't going to taco bueno but LP... I tried to convince otherwise but he wasn't having it. He was like okay well I need to go to wal-mart first... OH MY GAH can we just go eat then go to wal mart, I asked! So we went the whole time in there I was like I AM HUNNGGRRRYYYYY (yes, I realize I'm obnoxious) You seriously would think I haven't eaten in 12 years and I'm not ridiculously small so I really would have survived. We make it to LP, my dad was at a place next store... we chatted... I was still hungry. We finally go inside and they ask how many, I said 2... Jon Jon stepped in and said... no, we need more. Umm.... okay! So we are sitting there waiting... You remember how i was Obnoxious... well Jon was trying to buy time so our friends could get there.. but I messed it up. So we are waiting, I look outside and I see Megan, Melissa, Justin, Candace Savannah, and Andrew all coming up!! AHHH YAYYY!!!! They planned a suprise hang time for me as one of the last big ones before I move!! I was so excited.. but still hungry :) Then they all dogged me for  being lame! We eat then go get some froyo then go back to melissas for hang time and play time with van and andrew! Oh and we watched Cinderella because It's van's fav! Then they gave me and envelope with secret treasures in it so I could get some things I needed for the new apt.. like a comfortor and whatever else! Then we hugged said bye and planned another hang time for thursday... for real the last one ha!

In all this excitement, I was the Lord blessed me. The secret treasures in the envelope was more than half of what I paid for my books, so I got a lot of my book money back. Since I have been scared to death to move, The Lord showed me a couple of things through that:
1. He is for me, NOT against me
2. He is provider
3. I am His child and He was always take care of me even in Baton Rouge

junior planking happened in Splurge.

Play time with them is always a jam! Candace left before pictures happened boooo


  1. For REAL, the last time!!! Hahaha...ahhh, sad that we could not surprise you!!!! And I think it's funny how you note that you realize you're obnoxious. Hahaaaa, poor Shan. Start bringing fruit snacks with you!!! #andyouthoughtitwasforthekids

    Haha!! Love you and maybe one day we'll surprise you by walking into your class and making a disturbance. Payback. :)

    See you Thursday!!

  2. How sweet!!!

    I get SO cranky when I'm hungry though--I would've acted the same way!

  3. Ughhhhhhhh, the surprise was RUINED!! RUINED!! How dare you?! Haha. Even so, it was SO much fun...and I'm glad that I got to hang out with your obnoxious little self!! : ) See you TOMORROW!!