Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 first days!

This week has been CRAZY! Monday I had my first day of grad school ever, Tuesday I had my second first day of grad school, and Wednesday I had my first day of internship! So so glad all those first are done! This weekend is my first weekend of balancing homework and life, eeepppss! During the week I'm basically going to have zero time for homework because I will not be getting home from internship until like 6 or 7 then its time to eat and do it all over again the next day!! ahhh so thankful this only last a year! I'm celebrating this week of first with sushi on Friday with a new pal!

got organize. All my classes and a 1 subj notebook and a folder so I can put handouts and the syllabus in it!

gotta look fly... or at least attempt too :) 
First day of school outfit! 
My second first day of school outfit was wratchet so I didn't take a cool bathroom mirror picture for you guys.  i know you are sad.

first day of internship outfit.
grownups wear mascara and because I'm a grown up now I wore it. For internship we can wear jeans and a shirt other than a t shirt, So I took shirt other than a t shirt to mean a polo. I'm not one for dressing up so I now have about 5 fresh lookin polo's in my closet. Well I have 7 but the other two fit weird but I'll still wear them if it comes down to it! 
Fav story of the day:
Me: hey I'm Shannon
boy: hey I'm ..... (confidentiality i can't tell you)
 *as he did a lingering handshake*
boy: how old are you?
Me: 23
boy: You 23?! I'm 17...
Me: oh okay....
   *then I felt awkward and turned around*

I obv wanted to be like boy.... you don't see my left hand?! get up off!

peace. love. first days


  1. Oh my goodness. You're so cute. I'm glad your first days are going well...minus awk encounters with some jailbait.

  2. Hahahahaha. Oh my gosh, Jon Jon is going to have to come and kick his butt. I don't think you're supposed to flirt at your internship, Shan. Bad bad girl.

  3. Aaaahhhhhhahaha!! He would obviously know how to take care of you... much better than a crackah. :) MISS YOU, SHANNY! Love hearing about all your days and love seeing your cute little face and outfits first thing in the morning when I wake up! :) Keep them coming!