Monday, August 29, 2011


Friday was my celebration from being done with my first official week of grad school and internship! I hung out with my new precious friend Mary for lunch! Well, it was lunch at 3.00 and we didn't finish until supper time!  It was much needed hang time! Initial hang times with new friends are always my favorite because it helps me with vulnerability, which is something I am awful at! Plus Mary loves the Lord so it's always good to have Christ-centered discussions. AND most importantly I just love getting to know new people! She is also from my hometown so it's a little like home! 

 my date!
Told you she was presh!

our meal

the Yogurtland for snack after, Duh!
They have some funny Hello Kitty theme happening so all the cups are super cute and the spoons are Hello Kitty characters! 
dont judge me for going twice this weekend. #eatingmyfeelings celebration


  1. Ahhhh, that's why we saw that Hello Kitty sign on the door! Remember?!

    I'm so glad that you are already making friends. My little girl is all grown up. #tear

  2. I want to meet Mary!!!! I'm so glad (and jealous!) that she is having fun hang out time with my Shannyyyy!!

  3. just finished grad school...and let me tell is the best feeling in the world. you are gonna be so happy when you are done..! xx