Friday, August 26, 2011


My very first weekend in BR, My roomies and I went to a mexican pot luck dinner party at our new friends house! Im not sure if I told you about them but Beka was beth's friend from growing up and alice' and I pretty much deemed her our friend too. Through Beka we met her roommates Rebecca and Mary. Beth and I attended high school with Mary so we kind of already knew her. By we, I really mean beth already knew her and I knew who she was. I was not cool at all in high school so it would make sense we weren't friends. With all that said, it was at their house. It was so yummy!
I was thankful for this because It gave us an opportunity to meet girls who genuinely love the Lord. It was also really encouraging especially after all the weird stuff we observed around BR and campus!
After, we went to a movie on a baseball field that a local church did. The Count of Monte Christo wasn't so much a jam but the fellowship was for sure!!

Container from top to bottom:
alice' corn and peppers
Beth's homemade salsa
My mexican rice
Mary made yummy chicken enchiladas


  1. Awwww, love that you guys have made new friends!! Are these the girls you dropped it like it was hot for???? :) And what movie was playing??? I probably would have liked it. #madeforhallmarkmovies Hahaha! Ohhhhh and you forgot your sign off! I'll do it for you!
    Peace. Love. Amigos.

  2. Ummm did you go back and add "peace love amigos?" That's cheating.

    I am coming to be your friend. Make me food.

  3. Im so glad you are making new friends in BR! Does this mean you will forget about us lowly friends who didn't go to grad school? haha