Monday, August 8, 2011

another flat.

Confession: I dont really feel like blogging today but I am because I know you guys LOVE my bike riding stories... okay even if you don't just let me think you do.

On Saturday Jon and I wanted to go for a nice little ride. Well since our friends are building a house we decided to go look at what they had done so far. It's only about 10 miles away so that would make a 20 mile ride total. So we get ALL the way to the land and are on the way back and hear sphewwwwww. Oh what is that sound you ask? Oh just jon jon's tire deflating... yea we have ZERO luck. This time thankfully we were right by our sweet friends Casey and Allens house so they brought us home! So much for that 20 mile ride! 

 this is what they had done so far on the house. We also sent this pictures to lis to prove we rode out to their future home!

my first savage bike wound. I'm totally hardcore because I rode the whole way with my leg bloody. The next day my sister doctored it for me, because believe it or not they bottom cut is actually pretty deep. My leg got caught in between the chain and the bike so yesterday I walked around with dramatic bandaids all on my leg to keep the medicine on it! 

also, i move for grad school on friday. #scared


  1. Sometimes your bike stories make me nervous to learn how to ride my bike. Mehrrrr your poor leg!

  2. Ahhhhhh, PLEASE, come back to my house one day???? Maybe just come in the car....?? Haaa, so glad y'all make it back safe and sound! Maybe you should pack around some extra water and Jon should pack around some extra tires!! :)