Monday, August 1, 2011

little pea.

 This past weekend I had the privilege of going to the 2nd birthday of one of my ultra pals little girl, Jubilee (I call her precious little pea or some variation of it). They live in Texas, but went to Baton Rouge (my future home) to have a family celebration and I like to think I'm like family since I got invited! Jon Jon, my roomie, and I drove down to spend the day with them! I also got to meet her and her husbands new twins, Hudson and Everett. They are seriously the cutest little things ever! Since I don't get to see their sweet family often, I cherish every minute I have with them! 
While I was there I also got a tour of where campus and my internship were in relation to my apartment. Oh and Yogurtland and Izzo's Illegal Burrito.. You know, the important stuff! No worries, a Starbucks is also on that same street. #aintcomplainin

Most delicious Strawberry cake. Seriously it was four layers of goodness. I could probably eat it everyday, on the real.

Cute little pea and mommy

woo hoo!!!! happy birthday!! 
She was so excited for the birthday Sopapia thing! Mostly she put the cherry in the whipped cream over and over again just to lick it off!


  1. How fun! That cake really does look amazing!

  2. Jubilee is ADORABLE!!!! Ahh, so cute!! And the cake looks sooooo good!! I just may have to put strawberry cake on the menu for this week... YUMMMM. And ha!! I love how you went back to Izzo's and Yogurtland... Bring me!! And I can't wait to see pics of your apartment!!! I'll try not to spit on them. Stupid Baton Rouge. :)