Sunday, August 14, 2011

first run!

Today, My roomies and I went running around some lakes for our first major run in training for our half marathon in December! We went bright and early at 6.30 and let me tell you.. .it.was.humid! We originally thought we went 3 miles and were upset because we were suppose to go four. After the run, we mapped it and WHOOP it was four!!

Also, I am well aware that I haven't blogged in a while but I moved so im trying to get use to this big city! No worries though I will tell you about the move eventually.... ha!


  1. Yay for training runs! The humidity is the worst, but at least you've got friends to help you get through it :)

  2. WOOHOO!! I'm glad that y'all are having fun. But I sure do miss my Shanny baby.