Wednesday, July 6, 2011

bike ride gone bad.

the following happened monday. First you need to know last week Jon Jon and I went on a 15 mile bike ride together.

Me: jon jon, you wanna go for a bike ride
Jon Jon: Sure, just let me know when you get back from work.
 a few hours later at about 11:00
Me: Im back from work, wanna go now?
Jon Jon: sure come over.
   so, about 11:15 we embark on our adventure.
Me(in the midst of our ride): it would be so cool if we went 20 miles today
Jon Jon: yes, it would
Me: lets do it!
Jon Jon: okay.

Well, we only really did about seventeen or so miles.

on the way back, when there are about 4 or so miles left I feel the back of my bike swerving. I thought to myself.. Self: this CANT be good. I hesitantly turned around and saw a GIGANTIC flat tire.

Yeah, i know what you are thinking... sucks to be you. Yes, Yes it did.

Jon Jon was nice enough to walk with me. So walked our bikes back to Jon Jons apt about 4 or so miles away.

Now you are thinking. Idiot, why didnt you call someone to come pick you up. Well.. the only person we knew with a truck lives about 15 minutes away and moves slow so by the time they would have arrived it would have been pointless.

2:30 we arrive back at Jon Jons. Yes, please remember that our ride started around 11:15.
also, please know we hadn't eaten lunch and only brought a little thing of water to share. Please know it was about 95 degrees that day. We were MISERABLE!

In the end, we made it back.. showered and ate lupper (lunch and supper) with our friends. By ate i totally mean they made fun of us and watched us eat because they had eaten 37 hours ago #dramatic

Since none of that was planned I didnt wear sunscreen. Fact: i have EXTREMELY sun sensitive skin.
Yes, this is the sunburn i received from being in the sun for the bike ride. #ouch

I originally thought maybe this day would be funny the next day but then this puppy showed up. No worries its my entire arm this red.

Yes, this is the massive bruise I got from my pedal beating my calf.

I totally understand if you are jealous of the way I spent my 4th of July.
Plus side of the day: spent all of it with Jon Jon.



  1. ouch that is a pretty severe burn, i hope you are putting aloe on it. that has to be at least 2nd degree. You should always take plenty of water with you!!! you also should have ate beforehand knowing you were riding at lunch time. I bet you knew better too! You will never do that again i am sure lol.

  2. My jaw hurts from laughing so hard!!! Blog + Comment = Made. My. Day. :)

  3. Hahaha!! Oh no!! That looks so painful!

    (Obviously I jumped to this post from your most recent post).