Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My niece was born about a year and half ago, My senior year of college. Since then, i have been known as Aunt Paper because at the time of her birth i had one gillion papers to write. Also, I would watch her and she would "help" me write the paper. ( i had a cool photo of it but i lost it, #fail)  Well now, in my first year of grad school things have not changed much. Only now she is not so willing to help so I have to bribe her.
see, it's really easy! All it takes is a simple sno cone/ball (shaved ice and liquid flavoring in a cup, for those of you who do not have them).  Bribery is totally okay right?! I mean positive and negative reinforcement?!



  1. You can bribe me any day with a sno ball...

  2. Haha, nice!!! Of course bribery is alright, lol.

  3. Aunt Paper cracks me up! Bribery is always something you think you will avoid but resort to when necessary (read desperate). ;) ;)