Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bike Ride.

So remember that horrid bike ride I went on a few weeks back?!  Well, this past weekend Jon Jon and I decided to test the water again with 15 miles. I know what you are thinking, are you crazy?!?! Well, no actually I am not, but thanks for asking :) Why do you ask... well because of this puppy thats why!!!

A guy at my church rides and he found out about my incident and has been making fun of me ever since! He asked me last Wednesday if I had gotten a new inner tube for my bike yet and I told him I hadn't. I then began to tell him how eventually I wanted to just get a new bike because mine was rusted and the gears didn't work. I told him I was using it and was satisfied because that is what I had and it still got the job done. Well the next day, Thursday, his daughter-in-law called me and told me to come to her house. When I did, it was sitting on the porch! He had went out and bought me a brand new bike!! AHHHH!! I was so so excited!!!! I thanked him continuously because I was so so excited and blessed!

just riding away into the concrete!

please excuse that I look a hot mess... I just got done running 5 miles. 
What can I say, I'm a busy girl!



  1. Yayyyy!!! How awesome is that!!

  2. SO so sweet!! Love it!

    Best bike friend ever,

  3. Shannon!!!!!!! You look so cute in PINK!!! And on a bike!!! Haha, you look like a pro, for real!!! I want to ride with you and Meg!! When is this date happening so that hubby can go get ME a bike???? Maybe we can all ride to Natchitoches for breakfast one morning. #perfectmorningexercise. #megwillbesopleased!