Monday, July 25, 2011

wedding overload

Jon Jon and I have officially decided on a wedding date, June 9 2012! yes you are ALL invited, only if you bring your dancin shoes! ;) Last night we started budgeting... and by started I mean we talked about it got annoyed then quit!  Today in order to get over myself, i found all these cute wedding options on the Knot and Pintrest. Our colors are Glacier (teal) and Yellow. The girls dresses will be glacier and a lot of the decor will be yellow! The guys will wear fitted khakis with a white button up and some sort of tie thing, hopefully we can find a glacier one but if it has to be yellow I won't hate it! Oh, and Burlap will def be involved! With all that said... here are some jams....

such a cute DIY project!

we would Obv use lemons :)

love this tie.. love this manflower.


this is really weird but i love it!

this is a cd for the wedding favor of the couples fav songs, jon jon and i thought about doing it but we changed our minds. I still love it though

 TOTALLY obsessed with this. How cute would it be to get these for our guest to wear during the wedding, but in our colors!

 a little dramatic for me, but i still think its cool.

love love these... is it okay for the manflower and girl flower to be different? 

hello jam square cake. 


  1. Congratulations on setting your big day darling!! I can't wait to hear about your plans along the way :)

  2. congrats on setting the date, 3 weeks before mine. I will def be following your progress with interest (no not stealing ideas, mine r set lol).

  3. Oh my gosh. I love yellow! It's going to be beautiful.

    Also, a Shirley Temple is 7up with cherry additive. You MUST have those there!!! Come onnnnn (:

  4. Sooooo fun! I got married last year, and I'm still wedding obsessed:-) Too many pretty things/ideas! xoxo

  5. Ahhhhh, Shannnnn!! Everything is SO SO cute!!!! I absolutely love the mason jar DIY and the sunglasses! So cute!

  6. I love yellow! This will be gorgeous. Are you going to die from waiting that long to get married? I would have.

  7. Congrats Shannon! I have been reading your blog for a bit now. Thanks to Megan over at Mackey Maddness. :) Me and my fiancee are also getting married on June 9, 2012! Love all the ideas! Good Luck!

  8. Girl, you've got some really great inspiration photos! Those jars with raffia tied around them are super cute... and I love all of the bright yellow flower photos too. (:

    Budgeting for a wedding is such a pain in the you-know-what. You'll get it figured out with time. So cool you set a date! Let the countdown begin. I've got my dancing shoes ready. ;)

  9. Ohhhh myyyy goshhhh!! SHANNON!!! I seriously kinda may or may not have almost teared up!!! What is my Shanny Baby doing talking about such adult-ish things????? You're just my little Shanny Babyyyyy!!!! Tears... :')

    Moving on::

    I wish you were here so we could talk about each picture individually!!! Ahhhhh!!!

    Pic 1:: Love the burlap table and all the candles! Jen will need to plant some trees between now and then.... I'll get on that. :)
    Pic 2: SERIOUSLY one of my favorite ideas!!! It would be sooo easy and would be soooo gorgeous!!! Please let's do this!!! I will help!! And not complain one time, I promise!!!!
    Pic 3: YESSSSS!!!! Another fabulous idea!!! So so so cute and simple and classic and BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Pic 3: LOVE that tie, too!! Looks so YOU!! :)
    Pic 4: Perfection.
    Pic 5: Again... we're going to need a tree. Haha!
    Pic 6: LOVE this idea!! I've actually gone to a wedding where they did this as favors! So creative!! What are you guys doing instead??? I'm dying to know over here!!! We'll have to discuss. ;)
    Pic 7: Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! GREATEST IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!! Hahaha, this would be amazing!!! AND could double as your favors...???
    Pic 8: Love. Love. Love. For real. Totally love.
    Pic 9: I think these would be perfect, Shan!! They would be gorgeous on the guys... not too much and would tie in beautifully, especially with your bouquet!! I don't think they all have to be the same as the girl flowers... different is good. :)
    Pic 10: LOVE the square cake. LOVE the yellow. LOVE the pearl dots. LOVE THAT CAKE!!!! Want me to make it for you??? Done.

    Sooooo glad you have such good tastes, Shanny!!!! I can't wait to see it all come together!!!!!!!! Every pic just screams, "Shan Shan and Jon Jon!!!!!" Which... is EXACTLY what your wedding should do. Kudos. Your wedding = ultimate jam. Caaaaaan't waaaaaaait!!!!!!!! LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!