Sunday, July 10, 2011


So Alice' and I usually run together on friday mornings in order to get our long run in for the week! In Louisiana it is HOT! Not hot like 80 but hot like 95 with 1000 percent humidity so its like 200 degrees! Okay maybe that was dramatic but you get it. This week, we started a new tradition and it's pretty solid. Alice' has been saying we need to do it for a while now but we just haven't because we are so tired after our run but this week, we made it a priority! What is this tradition you ask.... well here it is!

Yes, we run and cannonball into the swimming pool with all of our clothes on! No worries, we make time to take off our shoes!  When we move to baton rouge, luckily our apt has a pool too so hopefully we can get our other roomie in on this lovely tradition!!

peace, love, and cannonballs


  1. Into swimming poop?? Ahhhhhh, that's disgusting! Hahahaha. This really is SO fun, Shan!! I want to cannonball!!

  2. Why have I not been invited yet on this cannonball fun time with you two?? I want to comeeee!!! But not with my clothes on! I mean, yes, with clothes on! But maybe we could put on a swimming suit first??? Ha!!