Monday, July 11, 2011

comic nails

On Saturday I took the final for my very first grad school class, ever. Yea a final on a saturday... I hate it just as much as you do. I've seriously never heard of such a thing, but it happens. Well after that crucial final Alice' and I painted our nails.

yes, I realize I'm horrible at painting nails, but trust me they look better after i shower and the excess comes off. It would also probably be better if I had more nail. #hatelongnails Notice these nails aren't just like your everyday painted nails. Why yes, they do have COMICS on them!! Our friend did her nails with road maps and we wanted to try it so we did.

here is how:
1. paint nails
2. let dry, completely.
3. once dry dip nail in rubbing alcohol for a second.
4. pull nail out and put newspaper on for about thirty seconds and pull off.
5. repeat on other nine nails.
6. once complete paint nails with a clear coat ( i didnt do that part and the comics rubbed off)
7. Show off your FABULOUS nails to your pals!!

You can use whatever you want but it cant be glossy paper it MUST be that shabby newspaper paper! 



  1. These are SO amazing!! I am SUPER impressed, SHAN!

  2. those are cute but even though you hate long nails you need to stop chewing them! lol.

    I sound like your mother in all my comments lol.

  3. I loved them, Shanny!!! Maybe you can do Savannah's nails before you leave us????